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Commercial Research & Development

  • Simplyfish offers R&D solutions for raw materials, feed additives and fish & shrimp feed. We contribute and execute activities in the different phases of an R&D project

  • We guide you to the right application areas (species, success indicators)

  • We design experiments which answer your questions

  • We connect you with the right experimental partners

  • We help you to interpret and present the results



Simplyfish guides you on your way to the product launch. We help you to identify your target group and the optimal value proposition. Complex technical information will be shaped into an easy-to-use message for the end user.

Business development

Simplyfish will help you to identify the best geographic region and the preferred aquatic species for your new products. We connect you to existing client structures and we accompany you on your way towards the markets.

Formulation advice

Simplyfish uses least-cost optimization to find optimized solutions for your feeds, raw materials and supplements. Different species and different production targets will be accounted for.

Academic Research & Development

Simplyfish helps to design and further develop research activities related to fish & shrimp nutrition. We guide students (MSc, PhD) during their studies.

We assist in seeking funding for R&D projects towards private and public institutions.

Simplyfish AS supplies tailor-made services for each client.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the aquafeed industry and interlinked with our global contact network, we focus our services and solutions in the following areas:

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